Gifts That WOW – 2021

Ready or not, ’tis the season. Our annual guide, to getting gifts right and wowing the ones who count, has you covered.

Gift-giving is one of the best parts of the holiday season, but we all know that it can quickly turn into a stressful chore that results in expensive mistakes, hurt feelings, and too much time spent searching for what you think they want, time that you will never get back. 

That said, wowing the important people in your life with a great gift can be a true expression of love, friendship, and affinity. We like Jack Donaghy’s take on the matter in the video at the end of the post. And even if you miss the mark, giving someone a little something at this time of year acknowledges the contributions they make to you and your life.

 So, who should you wow this year? And what should you give them? 

Wow The Ones Who Need a Break

You probably know someone who’s been dealing with a lot this past year (or two). Let them know you care with a gift that feels like a warm hug and will provide some pampering year-round. These are great picks for new parents, someone who is recovering from an injury, or that “crazed” friend with the super busy schedule.

Real Sheepie – Personal

100% Upcycled Merino Sheepskin.

Sheepies are the wellness home essential that are guaranteed to please year-round. A Sheepie instantly turns any space into your happy place, so you can relax, recharge, and take on the world.



“Everything is Fine” Shower Steamers

This is the official BURKELMAN mantra. Give the gift of letting go. Pop one of these babies in your morning shower and chant “Everything is fine” ten times. Works like a charm.


Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store

Cylinda-Line Martini Mixer

Our all-time favorite drink mixer. Gently stir your cocktail to a chill or release the day’s frustrations by vigorously bruising the ice. Either way, the imbiber will be ready to relax when it’s time to pour. 


Vertigo Home

That Hudson Valley Candle

Cozy, calming, and inviting. Lighting That Hudson Valley Candle will immediately transport them fireside and relax all their senses.

In Two words: Warm + Woodsy
Smells Like: A Distant Campfire, Peppery Spice, Forest Floor
Key Notes: Fire, Tobacco Leaves, Moss



P & T Sweet Lullaby Tea

Tea time is a classic way to stay calm around the Holidays and beyond. Plus, that magical unicorn on the can is bringing all the relaxation vibes straight to your cup.

Certified organic with notes of apple blossom, honey, grapefruit, and rose.


Blue Cashew


Gift them a soft spot. Our VELVETONE pillows are the perfect place to crash after a long day. With 18 colors to choose from, there’s a tone for everyone.

from $88


Bee Boys CBD Infused Salve

Crafted by our friends, The Bee Boys, off the grid in the Ka’u region on The Big Island of Hawaii.

Treat them to silky smooth skin with this relaxing salve. Avocado oil penetrates skin deeply & Arnica relieves bruises and fatigue. This is Kevin’s post-workout go-to.

Made with pure beeswax and propolis. Certified Naturally Grown.   


Bee Boys

Wow The One(s) You Want

Whether your goal is to impress a new crush, turn that friend into a lover, or rekindle an old flame, these are the gifts that say “Let’s do this.”

T.H.V.F (That Hudson Valley Fragrance)

Simply irresistible. Our sexy, standout, scent that will make you want to snuggle under a blanket with whoever you spray it on.

In Two words: Warm + Woodsy
Smells Like: A Distant Campfire, Peppery Spice, Forest Floor
Key Notes: Fire, Tobacco Leaves, Moss



Custom Figure Charcoal Sketch by John MacConnell

Show them what you got and what they could be missing. This is art you can proudly display on your wall. Sexting is so overrated.

18” x 24″, charcoal on paper, commissions are created from photographs and ship within two weeks.


John MacConnell

100 Peeko Oysters

Oysters are known for being an aphrodisiac so you know these will get the party started.

Add a DIY raw bar to a romantic long weekend. Harvested daily from the Peconic Bay and available for overnight shipping. Fresh for 10-14 days.


Peeko Oysters

NYC Skyline Chess Set

A modern chess set for the sexy intellectual who’s into tall buildings. When the flatiron and the empire state have your freedom tower in checkmate, you know your chess game has been taken to new heights.

Is Strip Chess a thing? It is now…..



Intro Flight Lesson (NYC Area)

After a preflight brief, you and an FAA Certified Flight Instructor will depart for a 30-minute flight lesson. You will be at the controls, learning how to climb, fly level, make smooth turns, and descend before coming back to land.

Kevin gifted this to David (seen at the controls in this pic) their first Christmas together and he’s pretty sure it’s the reason why they are married today.


Take Flight Aviation

Night Moves Candle

Night Moves Candle is the sexy signal that says “Tonight’s the night”. If this one is burning in the bedroom it’s definitely happening. We recommend burning often.

In Two words: Sweet + Seductive
Key Notes: Vetiver, Bourbon Vanilla, Amber
Smells Like: Deep Musk, Rose Petals, Warm Waffle Cones



Real Sheepie – Long

100% Upcycled Merino Sheepskin.

Say bye-bye to rug burns when you and your lover roll around on a Real Sheepie. Your neck, your back, your _____ and your _____ will only feel the love.



Astrology for Lovers Deck

Get to the next level with psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed’s Astrology for lovers card deck. Figure each other out using the sun, moon, and stars.



Wow The Ones Who Brighten Your Days

These gifts go out to all the teachers, hairdressers, favorite server at the restaurant you always go to, therapists, office wives/husbands, holiday party hosts, and anyone else who brightens your day on the regular.

Ambassador So-And-So Candle

Ambassador So-and-So is our worldly and sophisticated scent that takes you on a fantastic olfactory journey that is full of sunshine and good vibes only.

In Two words: Bright + Zesty
Smells Like: A Citrus Spritz, Effervescent Sunshine, Nautical Wood
Key Notes: Lemon Twist, Sandalwood, Bergamot



Subscription to “The Bittman Project”

For the cook who cares. Legendary food writer, Mark Bittman’s, new project is a website that focuses both on stories about the joys of cooking (and great recipes), as well as the impact food has on our world. 


The Bittman Project

“Hello My Pronouns Are” sticker – 10 Pack

We love this as a host gift and could have used a stack of them at Thanksgiving this year.


My Best Judy

Princess Jasmine Sparkles Candle

So sparkly and floral. This is for your flirty friend who loves a bottomless mimosa.

In Two words: Fresh + Floral
Smells Like: Fresh Cut Flowers, Green Leaves, Prosecco
Key Notes: Jasmine Blossom, Tuberose, Gardenia



May I Come In?: Discovering the World in Other People’s Houses by Wendy Goodman

The best gift for a friend who’s a bit of a voyeur and obsessed with interiors.

Wendy Goodman has discovered and published stories on an astonishing array of private houses, notable for their character, personality, and flair. Artists and eccentrics are the equals of aristocrats and the mandarins of design, and every room has a story to tell.


Split Rock Books

Zabb Seasoning from Fish Cheeks NYC

Our favorite Thai restaurant in NYC now offers its fan-favorite Zabb seasoning that they use on their famous chicken wings available to go.

It’s spicy, limey, salty, with a hint of sweet. Get creative and sprinkle it on anything. We’ve even used it on pop corn.


Fish Cheeks NYC

Wow The One Who Deserves Something Extra Special

Show some serious appreciation for your significant other who puts up with you year-round, your bestie who is always 100% team you, your boss who sees your true potential, or for your parents that fed, clothed, and supported you until you were 18 and maybe even into your 20’s, 30’s, and beyond. This is the gift that says I love you, I appreciate you, and I want you to know it.

Real Sheepie – Classic

100% Upcycled Merino Sheepskin.

Win the holidays. Give the ultimate relaxation destination.



Jack Donaghy on Gift Giving

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