Color Crush 03:
Luisa Opalesky on Gecko

Photos by David & Kevin

The Color Crush Project: BURKELMAN asked fans of the brand who we admire, and who also have an intriguing and distinct color aesthetic, to reveal their Velvetone Color Crush – that is, which color turns them on, titillates their senses, soothes their psyche, or just makes them happy?

Luisa Opalesky, reveals her Velvetone Color Crush.

– Gecko –

“Once a lil leaf, forever a lil leaf”

How do you use color to express yourself?
Clothes, facial products, food and drink consumption (especially with fresh fruit).

How do you feel about colors in your environment?
Inspired by aged greys and greens in NYC cityscapes, worship color in all nature.  

How does color affect you?
How does color not affect me?

“Color is pure mood.”

How do you think about color in regards to your work?
More of a feeling, then thoughts come after. Color is pure mood.

What’s a work of art or media where color impacted or inspired you?
Kandinsky, Two-Face the supervillian, Buffalo 66, Albrecht Dürer Turf watercolor, Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway, Dali for Playboy, Picasso’s “Woman Seated”, Jamie Wyeth “A Very Small Dog”,  I could go on for hours…

Why are you crushing on our Gecko in particular?
Gecko represents growth, chlorophyll, life, and self-sufficiency for me : ) 

Tell us about any other thoughts, feelings, musings, or philosophies you have about color or the Gecko Velvetones.
Once a lil leaf, forever a lil leaf. 

“Gecko represents growth, chlorophyll, life, and self-sufficiency for me : )”

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