Color Crush 05:
Justin Vivian Bond on Lavender Moon

Photos by David & Kevin

The Color Crush Project: BURKELMAN asked fans of the brand who we admire, and who also have an intriguing and distinct color aesthetic, to reveal their Velvetone Color Crush – that is, which color turns them on, titillates their senses, soothes their psyche, or just makes them happy?

Justin Vivian Bond reveals their Velvetone Color Crush.

– Lavender Moon –

“Color has a powerful effect on this moody witch.”

How do you feel about colors in your environment?
I want everything to be complimentary as far as my eye can see. 

How do you use color to express yourself?
Color has a powerful effect on this moody witch. I prefer to look at harmonious colors found in nature, but I love it when bright colors add vibrancy and levity during dark times. 

How does color affect you?
It feeds my creative imagination which is one reason I love watercolor painting so much. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from mixing my own colors. 

How do you think about color as it relates to your work?
When I’m performing I choose the color of my outfits to signal certain overall moods for whatever particular setlist I will be singing. 

What’s a work of art or media where color impacted or inspired you?
The color palette of the 1965 television production of Cinderella made a profound impression on me as a child.  I didn’t actually realize it until I bought a selection of your pillows for my apartment in the city and was rewatching it after I got them home. 

“Subdued pastels like Lavender Moon are aggressively neutral and I love that.”

And why are you crushing on our Lavender Moon in particular?
Subdued pastels like Lavender Moon are aggressively neutral and I love that. 

Why do you love it?
I think it holds its ground without trying to take over. It’s S.T.A.U.N.C.H. 

How does Lavender Moon make you feel?
It makes me feel like, as my friend Elizabeth Koke said, “the hottest pillow queen EVERRR!”

Tell us about any other thoughts, feelings, musings, or philosophies you have about color or the Lavender Moon Velvetones.
They remind me of one of my favorite Jimmy Webb songs, “The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress.” 

‘… I fell out of her eyes
I fell out of her heart
I fell down on my face
And I tripped and missed my star
I fell and I fell alone
The moon’s a harsh mistress
The sky is made of stone
… The moon’s a harsh mistress
She’s hard to call your own’

They’re a soft and beautiful place to land. 

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