Color Crush 06:
Deven Green on Tomango

Photos by David & Kevin

The Color Crush Project: BURKELMAN asked fans of the brand who we admire, and who also have an intriguing and distinct color aesthetic, to reveal their Velvetone Color Crush – that is, which color turns them on, titillates their senses, soothes their psyche, or just makes them happy?

Deven Green reveals her Velvetone Color Crush.

– Tomango –

“To.Man.GO! Tomango is the hybrid of a tomato and a mango.”

I wear, usually, no more than two solid colours which goes the same for how we decorate.  That says all you need to know about me!  It’s very ‘this’ or ‘that.’  So, the Velvetone solid colour palette truly aligned with my sensibilities.

“To.Man.GO! I needed Tomango very badly.”

Tomango is the hybrid of a tomato and a mango. I like a tomato colour because it is solid all the way through and, even though it is a fruit, most consider it a vegetable.  Mangos have hundreds of variations.  All these influences present themself when I see this unique shade … a perfect amalgamation of thoughtfulness and taste.  

“To.Man.GO! Double the fruit, double the pleasure. Shall we Tomango?”

The interior of Ned’s and my studio is dark (black ceilings and walls) so this hue, Tomango, really elevates the taste level of the decor without it feeling Halloweeny!  If I may add that they are structurally sound pillows, yet so pliable as to what you need them to be.  

Since my last name is ‘Green’ I was tempted to order the green pillows…that might have been a bit on the nose 🙂  The Veletone pillows are works of art themselves because they are clean, beautiful and luxe!  We have so much in common!

“To.Man.GO! Tomango will colour crush you…hard.”

Standard-Size Tomango Velvetone Pillow>>